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About Us

We are a fellowship of travelers on a journey to remember and reclaim our authentic selves so that we can lead and live with soul, clear vision, true purpose, inner peace and unconditional joy. Join us to receive soul reminders, messages, practices, and meditations that will reconnect you to your inner truth.

Why You're Invited

Because you are worthy. You are powerful. You matter. And it’s about time that you claim it with courage, clarity and conviction. It doesn’t matter where you come from, how much money you have, how you look or what you’ve accomplished – we’re here to help remind you of how beautiful, brave, and important you really are. We want to see your gorgeous soul shining bright in this world!

About Your Host

Kim Nishida is the founder of As the Crow Flies Intuitive Arts and Soul Connection Club. She’s a bestselling author, foster dog mom, Grand Canyon hiker and introvert who has overcome a lifetime of shame, people pleasing, feeling less than enough, over achieving, and self-sabotaging. She’s passionate about helping travelers get curious about the stories that no longer serve them so they can peel away the false layers of identity that keep them stuck, trapped, and dissatisfied.

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